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ZPL Energy is an Independent Oil and Gas development and production company with interest in West Africa, Middle East and most recently the United States. The company is involved in development of mature fields that continue to offer value through proven reserves along with potential for increase production with behind pipe reservoirs. ZPL Energy evaluates, develops and increases production using the latest technology while maintaining control of lifting cost.


ZPL Energy is committed to sustaining the value of our company, increasing growth through reserves and production while contributing to the country’s energy independence and security.

Our value lies in the ability to identify and acquire assets in a cost effective manner and developing those assets to their full potential. As an independent operator we have the ability to respond quickly utilizing the expertise of our experience team of professionals.

ZPL Energy continues to participate in opportunities that will offset risk/reward in underdeveloped oil and gas fields.
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ZPL Energy is involved in the development of energy which is vital to sustain economic progress and development for the regions that we are involved in.

We will continue to acquire, exploit, develop, and deliver on our commitment effectively and efficiently while providing a safe healthy working environment for our employees.
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Core values

Integrity: We will be honest, ethical and respectful to others and insure that all of our commitments are met. We will be held accountable for the actions of our company along with its success and failure.

Decisiveness: ZPL is committed to doing the right thing, making the correct decisions and carrying out those decisions with energy, eagerness, and commitment.

Strong Work Ethic: Our work ethics reflect who we are and why we can achieve sustainable success. Our employees maintain these ethics as a way of life and our way of conducting business.

Team Work: We embrace the diversity of workforce. Yet, all of our team members will tightly co-operate with and assist each other to turn individual profession and talent into collective strength to achieve common goals.
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CEO Message

ZPL Energy Inc. is an independent oil and gas company with a focus on mature oil and gas fields within the United States as part of our expansion program.

ZPL Energy’s success is built on technical expertise, strong partnerships and proven ability of our executive staff to vet prospects and deliver superior results. We continue to invest in the company, our employees, improve processes and increase results. ZPL Energy will strive to meet the highest standards of integrity and safety in the workplace.

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Company Structure


ZPL Green Energy's TX-REO project is an offshore wind energy project which has a first phase of 800 MW.
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