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Larry Barker, Vice President

On 10 Jan, 2018

Larry’s career in the oil and gas sector spans 45 years, with extensive field experience in completions, work overs, production engineering, production operations supervision, facilities and project management.  He has operated in the US, West Africa, North Sea, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Australia for a variety of operators including Zilkha, Hess, Tenneco and Arco on projects including Chevron, BP, BHP, Exxon, Shell and others.  Larry possesses an in-depth knowledge of equipment and processes and has been a designated subject matter expert on perforating, sand control, stimulation, water injection and HPHT service.  He has accumulated numerous contacts in the D&C and project/facilities communities (onshore and offshore).  Larry also has deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the oilfield manufacturers and service companies, having worked closely with virtually every one of significance.

Larry has demonstrated an ability to drive cost efficiency where other managers have fallen short.  He has increased production through thoughtful completion and work over strategies including the use of cost effective equipment designs that vastly reduced rig time.  This has been accomplished through thought, innovation, knowledge of technology and best practices and has appropriately deploy those practices and roll out technology.  Larry has worked extensively with other members of the ZPL team for many decades and shares the culture of meticulous attention to service excellence and a focus on cash flow and capital efficiency.

Larry lives in Houston, TX with his wife and has adult children across the US.


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